1. Preliminary assessments
  2. Orders and their deliveries
  3. Cost of Acquisition and expenses binded to merchandise delivery
  4. Assurance, Appeal
  5. Concluding appointments

1. Preliminary assessments

1.1 These Business Conditions ( further BC only ) adjust the conditions of shipments delivery stated and specified at www.DESSUE.com and by medium of EFH Store, s.r.o. located at Jelnia 1, 811 05 Bratislava, IČO: 51143437 , DIČ: SK2120607335 enrolled in Commercial Register of County Court Bratislava V, section Sro, capsule number 32842/S ( further DESSUE only ).

1.2 By placing the order customer announces these BC are known to him and expresses his acceptance with them. The customer also agrees to use such a way of communtion as it is stated in BC.

1.3 BC are part of the order based on which the customer is ordering his merchandise. Laws and responsibilities of both involved parties unaltered in the order are aligned within these BC. In case of conflict of interests among conditions of the order and BC, BC are becoming overruled.

1.4 Customer agrees to receive newsletters by registration. To cancel receiving newsletters type your e-mail address that you used at the registration into „e-mail newsletters“ and you will receive no more newsletters and discount vouchers which customers receive. If a customer chooses not to receive newsletters there is no right to use distributed discount vouchers.

2. Orders and their deliveries

2.1 Customer orders a merchandise based on correct and fully filled electronic ordering sheet placed at our website www.DESSUE.com. DESSUE is authorized to request checking of such order from the customer. In case customer denied checking of the order we consider such order as invalid. Contract of Sale among both parties based on which merchandise is sold is becoming valid by effectual confirming of the order.

We consider your order as obligatory while confirming it by phone call, e – mail or any other confirmation realized just right after you place your order into our system / after filling the electronic ordering sheet at our website / Please note, the confirmation of your order acceptance is not considered as obligatory! DESSUE will provide you with contact information necessary for confirmation of your order after checking out the availability of requested merchandise. Confirmed order / or its part / is becoming obligatory for both parties in case of not breaking the rules by any party at the time of authoriziing the order. Major conditions are such conditions as order content / exact number of references as well as amount of ordered items , price of the merchandise, total purchasing amount, delivery option and time /

2.2 DESSUE reserves a right to cancel any order without stating a reason. The customer will be informed by administrative e-mail.

2.3 Seller has a right to cancel any order in case the ordered item is no more produced or imported or the price has changed significantly. In this case the seller will inform the buyer immediately. If the buyer already paid, the money will be sent back immediately.

2.4 DESSUE dispatches ordered merchandise to address stated at the order. Customer announces that the address stated at the order is his address and is correct, vaid and he is authorized to recieve shipments to such address.

2.5 DESSUE ship ordered merchandise within 3 business days starting by the date of recieving the customer ´s order or at latest within 30 business day. DESSUE has the right not to ship such merchandise which is out of the stock at the time of placing the order.

2.6 In abeyance with asseessments § 13 part 1, Law No. 108/2000 Z.z about forwarding business as amended by the latest acts, customer agrees with the elongation of delivery period over 30 business days in case DESIGNER-EUS will for some reason exceed delivery period of 30 business days. Customer is authorized to avoid a contract anytime after advising it to DESSUE by phone call, in a writting, by fax or by email.

2.7 Customer, buyer has the right to cancel his order anytime without showing us the cause but he has to do so prior obligatory confirmation of his order. On the other hand buyer has the right to cancel his order just in case DESSUE will make a default in agreed delivery conditions.

If there will be a cancellation of the confirmed order by the customer, i tis then mandatory to pay for all the additional expenses caused by this cancellation. Seller is able to apply the right for purchasing the harm caused by buying the merchandise as „preorder“ realized according to customer ´s wishes or all the expenses with the delivery.

Cancellation fee may vary up to 50% from the total amount about to be payed for the merchandise.

2.8 DESSUE is justifiable to refuse the shipment in case if

  1. Order has not been filled out correctly in the line with guidlines for its filling
  2. Buyer is a deptor of DESSUE in any way

2.9 DESSUE carries the risk of damage of the merchandise during the delivery.

2.10 Customer has his right to return the shipment within 14 business days starting by the date of recieving his shipment in case if delivered merchandise is not that merchandise he placed his order to or in case if he did recieve damaged merchandise. He can return it to the address of DESSUE company. In both cases customer is authorized to return the packaged merchandise to DESSUE . Just right afterwards the amount will be returned to the customer by DESSUE to the bank account inscribed into the order or there is a also the option of returning the purchasing by cheque card in case the bank account info is missing on the order.

Within the same time period – 14 business days, starting by the date of recieving the merchandise by the customer, he has all legal rights to avoid the contract but has to announce it by sending us announcement about this act to address of DESSUE company located in the beginning of this BC. By customer ´s abandonment from the Contract of Sale is this kind of Contract becoming cancelled. DESSUE will then return costs of acquisition to his customer with all the expenses connected with order within the 15 business days starting by the date of abandonment of the contract. All additional fees connected with returning the merchandise are being payed by the customer.

2.11 Owner of the merchandise is DESSUE until it will reach customer ´s hands.

2.12 Customer is binded to use the merchandise in accordance with use directory.

2.13 Money vouchers are valid in regards to our website ´s directory.

3. Cost of Acquisition and expenses binded to merchandise delivery

3.1 Customer binds out to clear purchasing charge in amount as it is at www.DESSUE.com in the day of placing the order by customer and which is also listed at the INVOICE delivered together with the INVOICE grossed up by shipping charges.

4. Assurance, Appeal

4.1 Customer is authorized to claim delivered merchandise within 24 months from the date of taking it over against payment to the address as it is in the front of these BC ( he is also authorized to send eventual complains to the same address )

During this period of time DESSUE will remove all the appealled defects and defaults free of charge. In case that removal of default is not possible to realize according to character of default, customer is authorized to dispose of the purchasing contract followed by the return or lower of purchasing charge.

4.2 Assurance is not refering to defaults or defects caused by using, consumption or incorrect handling by customer.

5. Concluding appointments

5.1 All the juridical relations originating among DESSUE and customer are covered by laws of Slovak Republic. Both parties liberates the application of appointments of Vienna Agreement about international acquisition of merchandise (160/1991 Zb.) by this act. If some term which BC does not include appears, it will be solved by the Business Code of Laws.

5.2 DESSUE is authorized to make changes in BC unilaterally. Any change will made public at our website www.DESSUE.com in section of BC. Business Conditions gets availability from the date of 01 May 2011.


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