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C-In2 New York – If you’re looking for the standard fly front brief, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Behind closed doors C-In2, Co-founder/Designer (and resident genius), Gregory Sovell, in competition with himself, seeks to evolve beyond his own original ground breaking designs. Greg searches worldwide for cutting edge technologies and fabrics to create products that make you and do feel better. The Contour Pouch, Sling Support, Trophy Case and fabrics such as Bamboo, Kinetic and Sea Cell are some of the C-In2 innovations. Briefs, boxers, T-shirts, tank tops, trendy men’s underwear by C-In2.

Embrace your freedom and choose what you find sexy in underwear – and who you want to be sexy for. C-In2 offers all kinds of men’s underwear in all cuts that have been invented. Briefs, boxers, thongs, jockstraps, tank tops, T-shirts, sweater, all in trendy colours and the best materials of the year. New collections are released every month and so you can always find new and original pieces by Desue for you.

There’s something here for every modern man. Briefs, boxers, T-shirts, tank tops, trendy men’s underwear by C-In2.


Fabrics can react differently with differing skin types. Following is a list of fabrics and a bit about of them.


This 100% natural fibre is spun into yarn or thread. Cotton is the mostly widely used natural fibre for clothing. Cotton has a high degree of strength, durability and absorbency, it is easily grown in all parts of the world.

Pima Cotton

Although still a form of cotton and 100% natural, Pima is much harder to grow and therefore priced slightly more. The cotton is finer and longer therefore making it softer. Pima cotton is also used to make some of the finest Egyptian Cottons.

Spandex or Elastane

This synthetic fibre is known for it’s elasticity. It is added to other fibres to give them more strength and durability. It is not uncommon to see spandex as a portion of a garments compilation because of the benefits it provides.


Rayon derived from bamboo is produced from regenerated cellulosic fibres. The Bamboo is broken down, then treated and made into rayon derived from Bamboo. The fabric has natural anti-bacterial functions. Bamboo also promotes green products.

Seacell Seacell fibers are manufactured from natural materials only. It is said that the natural elements found in Seacell such as Vitamins and Amino acids are passed on to the body when worn. Cotton is combined with seaweed to make the Seacell fiber. Seacell also promotes green products.

Micro Modal

Modal is a bio-based fibre made by spinning reconstituted cellulose from beech trees. It is technically a form of Rayon. Textiles made from Modal do not pill, like cotton does, and are resistant to shrinkage and fading. It is about 50% more hygroscopic, or water-absorbent, per unit volume than cotton is. Modal is also the main textile used in the Supersoft styles of men’s underwear.