FREEGUN Swimwear MOU/MIRE black
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FREEGUN Swimwear MOU/MIRE black

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FREEGUN Swimwear MOU/MIRE black
Anyagok: 84% Poliamid , 16% Elasztán
A: Férfi
SZÍNEK:: black, brown, multi prints, pink

Men’s Underwear

How to measure your underwear size?

The size of underwear is equal to the length around the hip. Measure around where you normally wear your underwear and make sure you hold a cloth tape measure tightly around your hips.

This way you can find out your brief, boxer, thongs and jockstrap sizes.

Freegun – Explosion of ideas, colours and unique style!

Liberating Freegun underwear, swimwear and clothing for the good guys who know what they want and do not like be enchained with conventions. Those men do and wear what they like.

Wake up to the summer in underwear from Freegun. Fresh design of soothers, ducklings, or chilli peppers will bring you irresistible charm and everybody will know that you are independent man who likes to be himself in every moment of his life.

You will fall in love with comfortable boxers Freegun with an unmistakable design and a nice microfiber material.

Underwear, hoodies, swimsuits, flip-flops Freegun directly from Paris are here for every young spirit man. Do not forget about you girlfriends. You can find original underwear Freegun for them in women’s section.

It is time to wake up, free from boredom, convention and start to be you. BodyQ is simply a phenomenon.

Be unique, original, and creative with s Freegun – Paris. Life can also be fun!

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