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Gigo Underwear and JockStraps – start of the end of sweaty booties . Hallelujah!

Gigo is the only brand having complete offer of briefs, Tshirts, thongs and of course mentioned JockStraps in its offer. We have tried JockStraps and thongs in person instead of you and we can not do anything else but recommend! JockStraps are pretty adequate for daily usage as well as your work out activities of any kind. Thanks to its sexy design you ´re not gonna get awfully steamy during your busy day. Skinny jeans lovers will be madly in love with thongs. So as the girls are really carefull to have their underwear Gigo not to be seen through pants we should also be thinking and being aware of this unpleasant effect. Give yourself a chance and enrich your closet by few pieces of thongs or Jockstraps. Designers boxer alsónadrág is comfortable and well worn.

Fibers they used are more than comfortable to wear Gigo and we still haven ´t mentioned its colorful riches. Combination of pastel colors together with simple or more complicated features make you look irresistable tempter anyway. Give a proper goodbye to your old boring underwear, it no more belongs to a modern man´s outfit! Best tip Roberto Cavalli.