„Bring it on“during the Christmas time – brand you darling!

Are you looking for an original Christmas gift for your partner or a man in you family – a father, brother, friend or colleague? Who wouldn’t be looking for it during the Christmas time! In our online store Dessue.com you can find great Christmas gifts for women and men from famous brands such as D & G / Dolce & Gabanna, C-In2, Guess, Roberto Cavalli / Just Cavalli, Gigo, Rufskin, Unico, Levi `s or John Galliano. The offer includes unique briefs and push-ups briefs, push-up boxers, men's thongs, Jockstraps, pyjamas, sportswear, shirts, tank tops, sweaters, jeans, men's fashion accessories, bathrobes, swimsuits and beachwear.

Autumn and winter collection of men's fashion brands such as D & G / Dolce & Gabanna, C-In2, Guess, Just Cavalli and John Galliano, will bring under your Christmas tree a true luxury. Prices are not too high that is why to get branded underwear or t-shirt for your relatives is not always unattainable.

Brand John Galliano will bring your Christmas true luxury!

Classic gift might be briefs, boxer shorts, t-shirt or tank top. Great and practical are underwear sets. From the new collections you should not overlooked great collection of John Galliano Fashion 2013. Clothing with logo of fashion guru, who is also creative director of brand Dior, you can get in the highest quality and design combined with newspaper printing is one of the most beautiful Christmas gifts, which you can give.One of the most exclusive gifts is bathrobe by John Galliano. You can choose among black and white variant. Or you can get black and white newspaper printed version. Moreover, available is also irresistible dark purple. A great gift is also beachwear collection by John Galliano. All of the above mentioned goods you can buy in the fashion house Dessue.com.

Guess is perfect Christmas gift also for “brands” illiterates

Do you like branded gifts, but are you scared that your partner would not appreciate it? You can solve this dilemma with T-shirts, underwear, sweatshirt or even a swimsuit from brand Guess. Guess is one of the best known brands and it is know also by the fashion analphabets. Collection of fashion house Dessue.sk is offering goods from this brand, which has cuts that suit each man. With its moderate design you do not have to worry that you will shock conservative members of your family. We are sure that they will be happy to get gifts from brand Guess.

Give under the Italian charm from Roberto Cavalli under the Christmas tree

We women love the brand Roberto Cavalli. This brand is known by its animal print, which again and again comes back to the fashion scene. Designer is also preparing collections for men, both under the brand Roberto Cavalli and Just Cavalli. Fashion house Dessue.com has prepared branded T-shirts and briefs, which can be purchased at attractive two packs. However, as a Christmas gift you can buy swimwear from Cavalli collection. This extremely successful collection shines by rare colours – purple, green or pink. Maybe because of this Just Cavalli swimwear models are absolutely irresistible. Moreover, these swimsuits offer amazing gadget – they are reversible, so you just turn them upside down and you will get new colour and completely new fashionable piece.

Give „him” freedom in the pants – buy him underwear form successful New York brand C-In2

Behind closed doors, the founder and designer of brand C-In2 – New York, Gregory Sovello is trying to overcome himself and to look for more and more insurmountable patterns. That is why owners of this brand always get something new and innovative that has not been here yet. If you look on the offer from C-In2 – New York you will find all types of underwear and cuts, which have so far devised for men. C-In2 – New York offers briefs, boxers, thongs, Jockstraps, tank tops, t-shirts, sweaters – all in fashionable colours and materials. Each month, the brand produces a new collection, so at the Dessue.com you can always find new and original clothes. As Christmas gifts we suggest suitable colour-coordinated packaging of boxers, briefs, T-shirts and tank tops.

Tip: Best cut of C-In2 are shorts that offer the highest level of comfort. Moreover, you can also use them instead of pyjamas or as a great home wear. Shorts C-In2 is a real bestseller this autumn, winter and Christmas. Even ladies are buying them for themselves! Together with C-In2 T-shirt V neck ladies are wearing them as a trendy women's pyjamas.

Give underwear from Dolce&Gabanna to ambitious men

Dolce&Gabbana is new luxury for successful men with unbridled soul. Design of the products is corresponding with youthful spirit of the brand. Amazing quality of materials and subtle cuts of the last collection are highlighting the luxury of the brand. Fabulous is also part of the collection of Dolce & Gabanna McQueen. This special edition was done by very famous designer Alexander McQueen before his tragic death. This year you can buy the limited edition of D & G. As a tribute to this great designer it is named Good Bye McQueen. And the truth is that it would be really hard to find more beautiful gift for men. Among the designer briefs Dolce & Gabanna McQueen collection is clearly our winner!

Fashion house is the greatest place to get Christmas gifts for women, men, or you can just buy something for yourself!

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