1. Menu
  2. Sub-section
  3. List of goods
  4. Search
  5. Inserting to the Shopping Cart
  6. Shopping Cart
  7. Cash counter
  8. Registration and user account

1. Menu

On the left side of the shop web site is so-called user menu. Here you can find immediately what you need. This menu will get you to different sub-sections.

2. Sub-section

Goods in our shop are divided into sub-sections. Please, note the list of different sub-sections. Whenever you click on a sub-section name, you immediately get an overview of goods that are included in this sub-section. If the list of goods is long to fit on the one page, it is automatically divided into multiple pages. After that you can click on a link with particular page number and our store will offer you another page. Every sub-section can also have some subdivisions. Even this subdivision may contain various kinds of goods.

3. List of goods

If you click on any of the names of sub-sections, or have search for an item that interests you (see below), your browser will provide a list of the goods. Each item in this list contains not only the name of goods, but also its price (including any discounts). In addition, you can immediately put this product into your electronic shopping cart (see shopping cart). If you add something into your cart, it can be removed when needed. Once you click the product name, the browser will offer a separate product page. This page can contain also detailed description of the product, including its image. Even from this page you can put products into your shopping cart.

4. Search

At the top of our web site you can find the search box. All you need to do is to enter the name of goods that you are looking for, or just the part of demanded good. After you press Enter or click OK our database will be searched trough and the browser will provide an overview of products that corresponds to name given by you.

5. Inserting to the shopping cart

Wherever you can see the name of the product, you will find the opportunity to put this product into the shopping cart. Simply enter the quantity of goods and push the shopping cart icon. This product is immediately inserted into the shopping cart, which will be displayed. Now you can continue shopping in the various departments, or go to the Cash counter.

6. Shopping cart

When you enter into our online shop you carry some kind of imaginary electronic cart. This shopping cart can be used for inserting the goods that you want. The only think that you need to do is to press shopping cart icon next to the selected item. After clicking on the icon goods are loaded into your electronic shopping cart and your shopping cart will appear. Here you can edit the number of items by clicking on the item add, or delete or empty the whole basket.

7. Cash counter

Cash counter is in our shop connected with shopping cart. Bottom of the page is devoted to boxes to select the payment method and delivery. To successfully purchase in our store, you will need to set up a user account. Click the register link in the left menu. Fill in the required information. Press the button confirm. After that is user account (your login name and password) created in our database. Whenever you wish to shop in our store all you need to do is sign in. This will allow you to send your order and you will not have to always fill your personal data.

Once the method of payment and delivery is chosen, you need to press the button to confirm the data. Press the button – Confirm the information. Then you will see the page on which you have your last chance to review all details. Press the button – Submit Order. After that your order is sent to the dealer. You will receive an e-mail with a confirmation of your order.

8. Registration and advantages of user account

What are the benefits of a user account? Above all, do not have to fill out your personal information each time you shop in our shop. You also have the option to view your previous orders.

Personal data entered into our database can be changed at any time. Just select the link data correction. You can also sign out at any time (link sign out).

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