Are you also not that kind of guy possessing a perfect body from fashion magazines just staring at models inside enviously? No time to spend hours and hours by working out and bodybuilding in the gym like crazy but you´d love to throw your clothes off shamless by the beach not worrying about somebody might see your zoftick belly which is by the way way too sexy?

Fortunatelly, here comes the solution. Non – athletic figure can also be very sexy and attractive if well – suitable swimwear design will be chosen. This simple element is far more important than you always used to think about. It is obviously the only one thing you have on by the beach and it ´s creeping the final visual effect of you and yourself in general! We all should think about it and pay the adequate attention and make the right choice in swimwear selection therefore.

For those of us having a “hip problem“ , slightly wider hips, the width of shoulders, this is the best collection for you mostly swimwear – shorts, knee length, U – pipe shape. That ´s your guarantee your upper triangle will now become even more irresistable and macho. Speaking about colors here si the clue. Colors, colors, colors and snowy white will accentuate your sexy tanned skin. This swimwear style is actually extremly hot for guys with “botty thing “ cause thanks to its great design it perfectly hides this problematic part of your body , ubelievable but it works!

You had not been gifted by a “ big package“ ala Filip Trojovsky or Rocco Siffredi? Seriously? Well… me neither! Heads up! It ´s just about a perfect selection of the right coverage which transforms your smaller – sized package into a queen – sized one. Collection of almost perfect designs is gonna be No 1 choice for you though . The lesser of fabric the better!

These swimsuits fit a bit firm on hips but raise your package up and make it looks bigger comparing to rest fo your body. Besides the magical cutting exposes just the lower part of your belly even though you don ´t do 300 push – ups daily your belly will look like you do!

Strong thighs could be your next problem in a row. In this case better grab designs with wider waist to compensate your thighs to waist irregularities. These collections are gonna work for you perfectly.

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