Be a fashion professional! Get John Galliano underwear, T-shirts and swimwear!

Newspaper printings by famous John Galliano in a new re-design may decorate your underwear again. They are printed even on men’s swimwear and beachwear (T-shirts, caps, beach pants, beach bags, sportswear and homewear) so the newspaper printing may become your fashion image for this summer. You can purchase your “Galliano” with newspaper printing or a decent version with just a logo at Dessue.com internet fashion house right now and within two days you will become a fashion professional with a taste for the best of couture.

This year fashion leaders announce: “Get fashion underwear into your wardrobe!” Fashion gurus Dominico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana ( D&G ) let underwear visible over waist of jeans and trousers. They can be also seen through fashionable ripped in jeans. And so a new fashion trend was born – do not hide your underwear! Avoid a fashion faux pas wearing regular underwear. Women take fashion very seriously and we have to catch up with them. When investing into brands, invest your money into the best quality and John Galliano is one among the top fashion leaders.

John Galliano who is the chief designer of the Dior women’s department creates his own designs for men and women under his name which belong to the top of the world of fashion. His casual outfits are always in the spot during every fashion season. The famous irresistible newspaper printing by John Galliano is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year. It was first introduced in the Fall/Winter Collection 2000. Since then, the printing has been used regularly in both men’s and women’s collec­tions. Now it is so famous we could not miss it out in our offer and you can buy briefs, boxers, caps, beach pants, beach bags, Robe, Towels, T-shirts and swimwear with this printing at Dessue.com.

Fashionable boxers and briefs are best combined with John Galliano T-shirt. Men´s T-shirts are made of high quality materials which allow your skin breathe easily. You can find short-sleeve and long-sleeve versions and even a hoodie.

Let others see your John Galliano ! Be cool with the logo. Perfect cuttings of the briefs and boxers will fit you well and the high quality material will give you comfort all through the day.

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