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Original Jockstraps from U.S.A. Original men´s Style

Jockstraps were invented half a century ago for the toughest sportsmen in the world – rugby players. Since then they have become a bestseller jockstraps thanks to their qualities combined now with modern features. Fashion jockstraps designers can easily combine these two and create new types of underwear. Even though jockstraps have been up for long time, many men have still not tried their quality.

What are jockstraps?

Imagine briefs combined with thongs. Instead of one lace in the middle you have two laces aside. Underwear for men.The aim of this model jockstraps is to highlight masculine parts so admired by the opposite sex. Is it not admirable to see his muscular bottom?

How to choose?

Choosing jockstraps might be a bit complicated. Every bottom looks different in each model and so it is difficult to say which will fit you the best. We recommend just one rule to follow:

  • Choose according jockstraps to your opinion. Take what you like the most!

The rest is prepared for you in the best professional way. It is just up to your choice!