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Monokinis designer one piece swimsuits – are back in fashion this year!

Monokinis swimsuits have not for a long time been boring and only for swimming, but each year they get more refined and more sexy. Even though they hadn’t been worn much lately, this trend has turned around and fashion labels monokinis swimsuits are adapting them to fashion perfection! One-piece swimsuits have lots of advantages, which women don’t want to let go! One-piece swimming costumes are more visible and don’t reveal so much of the body as two-piece swimwear. What’s more, monokinis swimsuits beautifully form your figure, so you don’t need to worry! The current collections from John Galliano, Desue, Just Cavalli and the famous Emporio Armani can by found only on Dessue – European Fashion House. come and have a look with us at our the best from the collections of bikinis you definitely won’t regret it!

One piece designer swimsuits – cover yourself in them!

If you are suffering from a fuller figure and are a little embarrassed, or if you are a more mature women for whom a bikini is not right, try monokinis swimsuits! They are really great because they hold you in a little bit, especially in the areas of the tummy, bum and sides. These monokinis swimsuits don’t have to be just a “hiding and slimming” element. In one-piece swimsuits you can also feel like a beautiful woman! Pay special attention to the patterns on a one-piece swimming costume. An irreplaceable part of summer is also lingerie women's under­wear have a look at our collections in this section!

Monokinis swimsuits – not tempted? Think they don’t reveal so much?

This problem has been solved by fashion designers! If you aren’t tempted by monokinis swimsuits and they don’t seem sexy to you, there is a new trend which is very successful! These are the one-piece swimming costumes called monokinis! Even though these one-piece swimming costumes show much more with the way they are cut, and look like bikinis, you can tell they are monokinis because of the fabric connected the upper and lower part. All products in our range are in stock with express fulfilment of orders!