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Designer bathrobes for women and their velvety softness

In our range of women’s bathrobes you can find robes with velvety softness, to tempt many mortals. And what about – women’s bathrobes as a gentle and and cuddly friend. Nobody to cuddle at night and you need to feel just a little bit of warmth, when your duvet isn’t enough? Sleeping in a velvety-soft ladies’ bathrobe will do you no harm, why should it? Women’s bathrobes are created to make you happy and feel safe. Luxurious women’s bathrobes from John Galliano, Desue or Emporio Armani in our range will pamper and warm you every evening. Don’t miss our range of women’s under­wear which guarantees you will be unique and sexy!

Women’s designer bathrobes – as protection against catching cold

Women´s bathrobes as a reliable protector and friend! Do you need to run out somewhere at night? For example you need to go and check the garden in the evening? You don’t want to put on a coat which is not long enough to at least partly warm up your whole body? Doesn’t matter! We have the answer. Women’s bathrobes are guaranteed to protect you from getting cold! In our range there are dressing gowns of the highest quality a weight from the world’s most prestigious labels and they are all in stock! Are you looking for quality designer bras to go under your robe? We have thought of that when putting together our range.

Women’s bathrobes – don’t hesitate to buy them

Our stores offer you only the best and that includes in every category. This section is no exception and we can offer you high-quality towels and women’s designer bathrobes! Quality cotton, which brings softness and comfort, great labels (no knock-offs or low-quality goods that don’t match the price) smoothness, which will keep your hands occupied stroking the robe, warmth, which you will need at night when staying up late, walking out, checking the kids camping in the garden or walking in hospital corridors – these are the reasons why you should buy many things from us, not just women’s bathrobes.