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1. Sweat  ROBERTO LUCCA 10258 21174 Sweat ROBERTO LUCCA 10258 21174 In stock 4 pc
(2 varianty)
45,00 €
2. Sweat ROBERTO LUCCA 10262 00036 Sweat ROBERTO LUCCA 10262 00036 In stock last 2 pc
45,00 €
3. Sweat  ROBERTO LUCCA 10258 21311 Sweat ROBERTO LUCCA 10258 21311 In stock > 5 pc
(3 varianty)
45,00 €
4. Turtleneck ROBERTO LUCCA 80249 40030 Turtleneck ROBERTO LUCCA 80249 40030 In stock last 3 pc
(2 varianty)
39,00 €
5. Hoodie TIFFOSI 10034669_053 Hoodie TIFFOSI 10034669_053 In stock last 3 pc
(2 varianty)
29,00 €
6. Sweat T-Shirt ROBERTO LUCCA 10263 20108 Sweat T-Shirt ROBERTO LUCCA 10263 20108 In stock last 2 pc
35,00 €
7. Hooded Jacket ROBERTO LUCCA 90249 11133 Hooded Jacket ROBERTO LUCCA 90249 11133 In stock last 2 pc
59,00 €
8. Sweat Hoodie ROBERTO LUCCA 10264 00010 Sweat Hoodie ROBERTO LUCCA 10264 00010 In stock last piece
45,00 €

Designer men’s hoodies from unique labels Roberto Lucca and Emporio Armani

Designer hoodies casual or stylish as functional clothing or a design piece is exactly what the range of collections of hoodies from European Fashion House Dessue offer. Designer hoodies from the top brands like EA7 and Emporio Armani guarantee functionality, originality and quality. Designer hoodies from famous brands made of high-quality cotton are the right investment for cold days. Definitely don’t miss the collections of men’s clothes from the newest collections!

Designer men’s hoodies from Roberto Lucca are real original items

Designer hoodies are a very popular type of clothing, especially for men, because men’s hoodies are very comfortable outer clothing and for everyday wear. Just as an uncountable number of designer men’shoodies are made, women’s hoodies are made too. What’s more, all the hoodies in our collection come with express delivery. We would like to draw your attention to our section of the latest cool t-shirts from the labels!

Men’s hoodies by Premium designers this year? What are the trends?

With us you can choose from a huge number of designer men’s hoodies with a hood, hoodies with zips, men’s hoodies without zips, hoodies with a pouch or hoodies with a collar. It hasn’t been true for a long time that hoodies have to be boring. Pastel colours, hoodies in combination with dark basic colours and neon colours in the trim are getting more and more popular. Choosing the right hoodie is up to you, but in combination with a famous label can be the right fashion item that everyone will envy you for.



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